Who could resist this cute little face? This is Bianca, 
alias Killer B, and she is owned by Pat and Tom Christman of 
Duluth, Georgia. Bianca is 7 months old. Her favorite toys are 
a stuffed pig
which she likes to grab by the ears and toss across the room, 
and her second favorite toy is Pat and Tom's 22 year old son. She 
likes to grab him by the ears too, she just can't throw him very far

Bianca's favorite games are running flat-out around the yard 
for no apparent reason. Fetching is another favorite game, and 
playing keep away which is usually part
two of fetching.

Her alias Killer B comes from the way she attacks everyone 
she meets. Don't get the wrong impression. Pat and Tom tell us that the only danger from these
attacks is possible drowning from the kisses. Bianca is the Will
Rogers of dogdom......she's never met anyone she doesn't like.
The Christmans tell us
that Bianca is the most good natured creature they have 
ever known.

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