Baron Bonz

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This handsome young man is Baron Bonz, and he is owned by Hildy and Alan Russell of Bradenton, Florida and his big sister Tasha, a fawn boxer of 10 1/2 years. Baron is every bit of 3 months old, and already, it looks like he's guarding his castle :o) His favorite activity is bugging his big sister, and his favorite toy is a tug toy that's bigger than him....or whatever toy his sister Tasha has at the moment. What a brave little fellow he is! Sounds like this little guy knows how to wrap his big sister around his paw! :o)


Awww, how cute, looks like naptime for Baron! Guarding a castle is hard work! :o) Hildy tells us that the first boxer her husband ever met when he was a child was called Baron, and he always thought him to be so special. That's how "little" Baron got his name. Baron's middle name is Bonz, which came from Tasha's boxer sweetheart Bonz. Bonz passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on February 24, 1998 as alot of you know, and Baron was given his middle name as a tribute to this wonderful boxer.

Thank you Hildy and Alan for sharing your new little sweetheart with all of us. He is truly special, and we are pleased to welcome him to the White Pages!


Well now, here's Baron all grown up! Next to him is his new little sister Annie. Sadly, Baron and his family lost Baron's first sister Tasha July 14, 1998, and Annie came to live with them several weeks later. Isn't she a beauty? Annie and Baron have the same dad, so they are half siblings.





My, but hasn't Baron grown into a handsome young man? :o) Hildy tells us that he and Annie have become inseparable buddies, even though they do pick on each other alot! It looks like Annie is just the one to keep Baron on his toes! :o) Hildy says that they both sleep on the bed, and leave her and Alan fighting for the covers.

Baron is deaf, and Annie has become his ears. Hildy says that Annie rounds him up whenever she asks.....especially if she knows it's time to go home from work! Baron and Annie both go to work with Hildy!! Wow, what lucky babies they are!



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