This beautiful and expressive young lady is Atlanta, and she is owned by Lara Hanes and Nathan Joseph of Wilmington, North Carolina. Atlanta was born on November 25, 2002. Atlanta became part of Lara and Nathan's home after they lost their first white boxer pup named Gwen. They had her for only three days and she died on their four year anniversary. They were so in love with Gwen that they were determined to have another white boxer. So they drove to Atlanta, Georgia and picked Atlanta out of an all white litter of boxer pups.

Atlanta loves people, kids and other dogs. Lara says there isn't much Atlanta doesn't like. Atlanta's favorite toys are her brothers and sister, who are all older than she is. She's the baby in every aspect. Her eldest brother Senah is six and is the smallest of the group. Chance, who is four and a half was rescued from an abusive situation has become Atlanta's favorite chew toy ;o) Trooper, who is three, and their third mutt is a pound puppy all the way.

Being from the beach, the dogs are all water dogs. At first Atlanta wasn't a huge fan but now she loves jumping around in the waves. Atlanta just loves being dirty! If there is something that she can get into, it is her mission to get into 'that' stuff as much as possible before anyone can catch her. She loves 2 liter bottles. She takes them out of Lara's recycling bin and runs around the back yard with them. She also loves basking in the sunlight inside the house. Senah has mastered the different times the sun comes in each window and they think Atlanta has picked it up from him. ;o)

Lara says Atlanta loves being in bed in between her mom and daddy. She will fall asleep and snores loud enough to wake the neighbors in two point two seconds! Atlanta is a whiner. If she isn't happy, you know it. She sits at your feet and huffs and puffs and makes a pitiful, "Oh, poor me," whine that is so cute, but so bad!

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of. Atlanta has mastered being on the wrong side of the door. She jumps at the door on the outside when she wants to get in, and it looks as if she is jumping on a pogo stick!

Atlanta has one dewclaw. She also has two fawn spots on each side in the same place. Atlanta loves to buck around like a bronco. She also has lots of freckles all over her body. Her tail is shorter than most boxers so they call her "nublet" since it is not quite a nub.

Atlanta loves to come in the bathroom when you are showering. She lays on the floor and sleeps or licks water out of your hand. She wants to be everyone's friend and if she could she would lick a person for hours. Atlanta is the most playful dog they have. When she is tired she will sleep but when she wakes up, everyone better be ready. ;o)

Atlanta and Senah, and sometimes Trooper like to run up and down the stairs chasing each other and love running over the beds. Atlanta gets irritated sometimes though, because Senah will hide under the bed because he knows she can't get to him. and Lara thinks Senah thinks it's fun to torture his sister just a little ;o)




Hey Atlanta! Your lookin' pretty cozy there!


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells..............



My goodness but you have a busy household Lara and Nathan! And we think that Atlanta is ever so special! It sounds like she really keeps you on your toes, day and night ;o) Thank you so much for sharing Atlanta with all of us. We would like to welcome Atlanta to the Whitepages as the newest member. 1/23/2003.




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