This blessed little angel is Aspen and she is owned by Audrey Hannum of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born on April 24, 1999 and is our own Arnie's sister.

She is a rescue and she and her brother were raised from 1 day old by our beloved Rachel Osborn before she came to the Hannum household in early July. My, what a job it is to raise hand raise pups. Rachel is to be commended!



Audrey tells us that Aspen loves to chew bones. She is very energetic and also loves playing with her, or her boxer brother Bacchus, shown here to the left. Don't they make a beautiful picture together? We sure think so!

One of her other great loves is food, anything, anytime, anywhere!! :o) She is growing into a beautiful girl, no longer just a puppy.


Here Aspen is playing with some boxer puppies that Audrey fostered for several weeks.

Audrey says she is in the process of learning manners so that she can come out with Bacchus and Audrey to parties, ball games, and other such events. Wow, what a lucky dog! Looks like she's going to be having the time of her life with Audrey and Bacchus!


Awwww, what a sweet picture of Aspen and Bacchus. Looks like they're both tuckered out from playing. :o)

Audrey says that Aspen's favorite toys are whatever toys Bacchus is playing with at the time. Now why does that sound familiar? :o) I think this is characteristic of all boxers in general. :o) It sure is around here. Audrey says Aspen's motto is whatever is mine is mine and whatever is Bacchus' is mine! LOL! She particularly loves rawhide bones, and will carry her bone around with her all day long. When Audrey gives Bacchus a bone at the same time, Audrey will look over at them a few minutes later, and Aspen will have her bone between her front paws and will be chewing on the one Bacchus has at the same time! that's a feat!








Awww, aren't these the sweetest pictures. It's hard to believe that such tiny creatures can grow to be so big and so elegant!

Audrey says that Aspen has discovered that interesting things are kept on shelves. She feels it is her duty to examine each item, see how it tastes, but will usually give it back if asked to do so! As most boxers, she is very social, and when the opportunity presents itself, she likes to visit the neighbors.

She loves her brother Bacchus! From the first day she came home, she curled up with him. He is her buddy, although sometimes would wish for her not to pay him so much attention. She is also a cuddler and loves to curl up in one's lap or next to one on the sofa, although she is discouraged from doing so.

One of Aspen's first big experiences was backpacking in Indiana. Audrey says they had a rather long day and were hiking down the rail, and suddenly Aspen just plopped down on the ground as if to say, "That's it! I'm not going any further!" She, after a few minutes decided to continue with the hike.

She is named after the Aspen trees in the New Mexico mountains, and Audrey hopes she grows to be a great little hiker like her brother. Bacchus carried the food and water for both of them the last time, and feels that next time, Aspen needs to literally carry her own weight! :o)

Audrey, thank you so much for sharing Aspen and Bacchus with us. They are both extraordinary boxers. We are so proud to welcome Aspen as the newest member of the White Pages! 3/6/2000.






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