Oh my gosh, would you look at this sweet, precious little face. Isn't he a good looking little boy? This is Arnie, and he is owned by Curt and Sandy LaCross of Alma, Michigan.

Arnies birthday is April 24, 1999, so he is still just a little guy. We just can't get over how precious he is. :o)


Arnie was brought into Boxer Rescue by the Osborn family of Dayton, Ohio. Three cheers for you Rachel and Wayne! :o)

He was just two days old when Rachel took Arnie and his little sister in. They bottle fed Arnie and his sister until they were old enough to eat gruel. Rachel and Wayne even traveled to the ABC in Frederick, Maryland this year, with these sweet little darlings with them.


Arnie's name before adoption was Trucker. He and his sister were part of the "Five Star Litter" from Rachel Osborn.

The LaCross' along with their cattle dog/shepherd, Sarah, adopted Arnie on the fourth of July. At first, Sarah wasn't at all sure whether she wanted anything to do with Arnie.



As you can see, this has changed. Within three days, Arnie convinced Sarah that they would make a pretty good team. Sandy and Curt say that they love to rough house. It often starts in the living room and continues throughout the entire house. "Boy, they sure have a good time" says Sandy and Curt.



Sarah and Arnie enjoy going to work with Curt at Michigan State University. They have become quite a fixture in the Art Department. They also enjoy going to the Alma High School football field to run and play.

Boy, sounds like Arnie and Sarah have got it made!! :o



Arnie loves food!! They haven't found anytrhing yet that he doesn't like. Sandy and Curt often have to chase him out of the garden because he eats the strawberries. :o)

Arnie's favorite thing to do is pull on Curt's ponytail. He chomps down on a big clump of hair and tugs his little heart out.

Arnie's favorite toy is always the one Sarah has. Just like kids, they always want what the other one has. :o) Ahhh, truly a boxer through and through. :o)

When Arnie is in his crate and he wants to get out he holds his crybaby lamb's wool toy in his mouth and cries. Awww, how sweet that must be. He also likes his big red pacifier.

Sandy and Curt say that Arnie is still a young pup and has lots to learn, do and see, but one thing is for sure, they love him a whole bunch!

Well, we can sure see why. We're excited that we will get to watch Arnie grow up on the White Pages, so Sandy and Curt, you will have to send us pics and updates as you can. He truly is a special boy, and we are so very pleased to welcome Arnie to the White Pages as it's newest member. 8/7/99.


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