Awwww....isn't he cute? This is Arnie, and he is owned by Roseena McKinley of Essex, England. What an adorable face this is! Here, Arnie seeks shelter between mom's legs as his dad gives him some lessons......:o)

Arnie is now 2 years old, and he shares his home with a little rescue cross terrier called Ben who is 8 years old.



Roseena tells us that Arnie came from a litter of 6, and two were whites. He and his white sister are twins.

Even though he is 70 lbs now, he still manages to sit on Roseena's lap. Boy, now that sounds familiar to alot of us I bet! He also sleeps with them on the bed and Roseena says "you can imagine, there's not alot of room on the bed with two dogs, me and my husband." We sure can imagine, I know that we have the same here. Gosh, they wouldn't be boxers if they didn't sleep on the bed.............:o).


Roseena tells us that Arnie's favorite trick is opening their cupboard doors to see if there's anything to eat. She has had to put a child lock on her fridge too. One day she came home from work and Arnie had opened the fridge and eaten all the contents. She's also rearranged all the cupboards in the kitchen, especially after he ate a bar of soap. Needless to say, Arnie was up all night long being sick. 'Ya gotta love 'em! His favorite toy is an empty plastic coke bottle. He spends ages running around with them in his mouth....:o)

Arnie is very protective of Roseena when she out walking him. He always gets in between Roseena and anybody walking by.

Roseena, we think Arnie is adorable and can only imagine what life is like with such a capable boxer....:o). He's just adorable, and we welcome you to the White Pages!



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