This beautiful young lad is Apollo and he is owned my Melanie Gould of Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. Apollo's full name is Apollo's Lucky Number Seven. He was born October 25, 1998.

Melanie tells us that she found Apollo when she met his breeder online a few days before Apollo's mother had her litter. It has been most gratifying to see people find their boxers from those that they have met online. Their are so many whites born each day, and without our internet communities, many would never find homes.


Apollo loves to play fetch with his little blue racquetball, chew on his bones, torment the cats, sit on Melanie's lap while she tries to type on the computer, track mud on her clean sheets, play with all the neighborhood dogs.....especially a couple of female shelties that he has his eye on......:o) Ah, a true boxer through and through! We say Bravo Apollo!!

Melanie says that the cats are complete opposites around him. George loves to lay on his back under Apollo and play with him, nipping at his legs and swatting his nose, while Prince could chase him around the house for hours. When anyone is in the kitchen, it's not unusual to find the three of them attempting to play in there (it's a very small kitchen.)

This is just an adorable picture, don't you think. Looks like Apollo has had a hard day of play, and is ready for his nap. :o)

Melanie also tells us that Apollo loves ice cubes, peanut butter, and pizza crusts. He loves to play in the rain and in the puddles (as long as he gets soaked) :o) What's even better is when their porch floods (yikes) and he can chase his ball around in 3 inches of water.

Apollo's favorite mischief is pulling things off the kitchen counters, stealing Melanie's sneakers and running around the house while she tries to get them back, standing on the chair on the porch and scaring the neighbors when they walk by. LOL!



He loves to climb in the shower and steal all the room while Melanie is trying to shave her legs. LOL! He loves to lick all the suntan lotion off right before Melanie goes outside.

He loves to go to the park because everyone always wants to play with him. He loves to go running around in the sand in the volleyball court, then track it on Melanie's bed. He loves to steal her pillow and attack her blankets (he sleeps in Melanie's bed.........what boxer doesn't I ask you? :o)

He loves to play fetch for hours. The racquetball is great because it bounces all over the place, making it more challenging for him. He also likes to jump on Melanie's lap and try to type for her. Wow, would love to see this!

Melanie says one of the funniest things Apollo does is when they are outside. It always seems like he is trying to set her up. It started with Apollo waiting patiently for a guy to walk by. When he is close enough, Apollo starts wiggling his nub and expecting someone to say hi. They always do, and then Apollo lays down so that Melanie can't get him to move. The guys think it's cute and they always stay and talk. Melanie says Apollo even has pretty good taste! Well now, seems like Apollo is looking to get his mommy hitched! :o) Smart dog!



Here's a marvelous picture of Melanie and Apollo. It looks like they were made for each other! :o)

Melanie says as for dislikes, Apollo hates it when Melanie leaves him, even for just a minute and usually will sleep by the door. He doesn't like closed doors or windows, and always wants to see outside.

His favorite toys are his racquetball, his tennis balls, Christmas gifts from her dad's lab Spike, his big rope, and his talking, vibrating Taz toy that Melanie's roommate gave him, and a green, squeaky bone.

Recently, he learned how to open the screen door to their fenced in porch, and he climbs on the chair out there. It puts him at the level where he can put his front paws on the wall and stick his head over. Then he drools and says hi to everyone walking by.

Melanie, what a special boy you have. We're impressed! :o) We thank you so much for sharing Apollo with all of us. I'm sure he will bring a smile to many faces. We are so proud to welcome Apollo as our newest member on the White Pages! 7/27/1999.




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