Awww, who is this little white angel? It's Angel of course, and she is owned by CJ and Jim of Houston Texas. Here, little angel snuggles up to her pal Sadie, age 6. Besides Angel and Sadie, CJ and Jim own a one year old brindle name Poncho, and a cat named Sweetie who thinks she is a dog. Gosh who wouldn't in that crowd, lol! Angel is now 5 years old, and CJ says she's been in perfect health since day one.\

Hmmm, this does look familiar. Here Angel is all snuggied up on the couch. CJ says that laying on the couch isn't good enough anymore, now Angel has to lay on the back cushion. Well, does she ever look comfy, and it makes one want to snuggle right up with her. Do we detect just a tad of regal royalty in that beautiful face? Oh, she is just so beautiful, as if laying on her royal throne.

Hooo.......hummmm.....what a life! Does it ever get any better than this? What an adorable pose, but then I think we all have seen our boxers lay just like this. This is one of the endearing qualities of a boxer, one I'm sure we'll always love. It tells us that life for them is a joy, that they trust us, and that they couldn't be happier with their home and the people that they own. :o)

Isn't this a priceless picture? This is CJ and Jim's son Lalo kissing Angel and Sweetie the cat! Boy, look at the face on Angel.....she is enjoying every bit of it.....and naturally Sweetie isn't going to be left out of such a touching and loving moment......after all......she thinks she's a dog too....:o). But we know Sweetie gets just as much love as a cat. :o)

<Giggle> :o) Isn't this wonderful, this picture really brings a smile to my face, and I know ya'all love it too. How many of you have kitties that love your boxer this much? Friendship, tried and true, as they say, never to part. Sweetie and Angel, as we can see, are very, very close. It kind of makes your heart get all fluttery inside doesn't it? Ah, where would this world be without such comradery

Aww, here is Angel, all snuggled up to her grandpa Ken, Jim's dad. CJ says that Angel is absolutely in love with him, and we sure can tell. We think the feeling is mutual....:o).

CJ tells us that Angel is lucky to be with us. She was born essentially dead. She was revived, and succumbed three more times before she was finally revived and saved.

CJ says she thinks there may have been a lack of oxygen. Angel is a little slow, but is the most loveable dog she has ever owned and the most protective of the family.

It also took Angel awhile to learn to play, but now at 5 years, she is starting to play. When Sadie the fawn, and Poncho the brindle start playing, angle will sit and howl trying to get them to stop. Maybe she just wants to join in too........:o) Angel will go through the house and pick up all the bones. CJ says it's amazing to see how many she can carry at one time.


CJ and Jim, thank ever so much for sharing your precious Angel with us. She is just beautiful, and we are honored to add her to the White Pages Gallery of "Porcelain Beauties".


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