This beautiful and regal young lady is Angel, and she is owned by BethAnn Girdler of Indianapolis, Indiana. Isn't she beautiful? :o).

BethAnn tells us that Angel's full name is Lady Angel of Tosti. She is 11 months old.

Angel shares her household with Sam, a black cat, a Pug named Taz, another boxer named Jay (Angel's littermate), two adult Rottweilers named Keisha and Devlin, and their 8 puppies, yet unnamed (they are only 2 weeks old). BethAnn tells us that only Angel and Sam are hers...the rest belong to her sister, but they do have complete run of both houses (BethAnn's apartment is attached to her sister's house).

For mischief, Angel likes to terrorize Sam, get into purses to see what she can find and chew up, and she likes to chew on my sister's boyfriend's leg a lot :o). She loves to play tug-o-war with her rope, and her favorite toys are her rope, as well as her miniature soccer ball.

BethAnn says the most touching and heartwarming experience with Angel thus far is when she had her ears cropped. When she picked her up at the vet, Angel fell asleep in BethAnn's arms right away and slept in mommy's arms the rest of the night.....:o).

Well BethAnn, we think that Angel is just so beautiful, and we're so happy that you have shared her with us. We are proud to welcome you to the White Pages family!



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