Welcome to my homepage! Here you will find many topics ranging from Christian Bible Study and prayer, to poetry, favorite quotes, domestic violence, health issues, arts, crafts, needlework, my own artwork and graphics, my causes, and one of my favorite subjects, dogs, boxers to be exact! I have gathered many interesting and informative links as well as my own personal experience and hope you will find them helpful. :o) You will also find Bible verses scattered throughout my pages, mainly from my favorite Book, Proverbs ;o)


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As a young woman in my 20s, I became engaged to a young Sargent in the Army, stationed at Ft. Riley, close to Junction City, Kansas. I lived in my home town of El Dorado, Kansas, and he would come down on weekends. We were so in love. Even now, as I think back after so many years, it seems like yesterday. He drove a red 63 Ford Convertible. I remember that he was from Provo, Utah. Then one day in 1965, our world was shattered when he was shipped out to Viet Nam. I was completely devastated. I was so young, and he 6 years older than me. He was a helicopter pilot, and I knew that meant only much more danger. But I prayed for him daily, and kept him in my heart, waiting to hear that he would come home safe and sound.

That didn't happen. John was shot down, and went Missing In Action. He was never found. Do you know? Can you understand what it's like to not know? It has been 43 years ago, and yet it is still fresh in my memory. I'm happily married, but he will always haunt my heart and mind. Is he still alive? Have they kept him jailed and bound all these years, tortured, left hopeless for the rest of his life? Only God can answer that question. But for those of us who care, it is a pain so sharp, so much so, that it literally shatters the soul.

When you read this, don't forget our veterans and our MIA's. Please, remember them. Remember that our boys where exactly that......boys sent to fight a man's war. Not only did I lose John, but I lost friends in that war. Lost forever in a cause never won. And then to come home condemned rather than to be celebrated as the heroes they were. Shame on you America!! We sent our children often times to fight that war and they died to protect us. Those that came home were only ostracized....our backs turned on them! I hope you think again America! Those boys are now in their 50s and 60s. Stop now, think how they must feel. They gave their all for you. Can you stop and give your all for them?



A subject that is near and dear to my heart....the welfare of our beloved children. We are losing this generation to drugs, alcohol, violence, lack of parental concern.....the list could go on and on. Please think about it! This generation of children is our future. What will tomorrow be like?

My children grew up with an abusive father. I must take responsibility, because I stayed for 21 years. I was too afraid to leave him, and now, my beloved children, now 24 and 25 are paying the consequences of those actions. My son is a carbon copy of his father. He is going to be a father this month, September of 2001, and although I'm so excited at being a grandmother, he is already abusing the mother of his child, and I can see another generation growing up in dysfunction if she chooses to stay, and it breaks my heart. I have counseled her to leave while she still can. So far, she hasn't done it. I hope all who read this, will say a pray for all three. And my daughter, now 25, is what we would call passive aggressive. She isn't violent, but she's still angry, and does things that hurt others in so many other ways, and it would take more space than I have to explain what she's done. Please say prayer for her too. You have my deepest thanks for your prayers

Please visit my page on Child Abuse.....give your heart, your prayers, your all, every fiber of your being to your children. Raise them responsibly, with great love, tempered with the correct discipline. Remember the words of our Lord......"Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

If you have not done so, go back up to the top, and click on the button "What Words Cannot Say". This is my own personal experience with Domestic Violence." If you can, if it is within your power to help a battered woman, then please, please, do so. You will forever be called "angel" by many.

So many say "why don't you just leave?" It would take volumes to say why. Each case is different, each person is different, most women are afraid. Leaving isn't as easy as it sounds. Think before you ask that question. It only hurts more, rather than helps.


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